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Date: Oct. 11, 2008

Hello all,

Well, here it is again, my favorite time of the year, altough to some extent, deluted this year by all those God-forsaken politcal commercials !!!!!!  Otherwise, I love the Autumn.  The crisp, AKA cold,biting, Autumn air,  the leaves turning their brilliant colors,  pumpkin patches bursting with pumpkins just calling my name.  I love to see all the little kids out running around through the pumpkin patches, as if they were in a candy store, and remember when I use to be that young, adorable, and happy.  I like to watch the kids pick olut pumpkins that are like half thei size too,  LOL.  Oner of my favorite pictures of me when I was younger is a photo my father took as a freelanch photographer for one of the local community newspapers of  my mom with me all bundled up in my winter jacket, carefully studying the pumpkins for just  the right one.  I love that it's Pumkin Pie time too.  Pumkin pie, for as long as I can remember, has always been my second favorite pie,   right behind Key Lime pie.   Ohhhh..... and  candy apples, or taffy apples if you prefer, preferably with some kind of topping, like nuts or  M and Ms, or gummy bears or some other kind of candy.  Then we come to the fact that it's Ice Hockey season.  My favoeite American Hockey League ( AHL ) team begins their 2008-09 season tonight ( Go Milwaukee Admirals !!!!!! )  And  I can't forget Halloween, my FAVORITE,FAVORITE holiday of the year.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to find the courage to go to one of the area Hauntede House attractions,  but  I always chicken out.  Unfortunately we live out in the middle of Nowhereville, a small little Podunk town with little to no kids trick-or-treating around.  I love seeing all the kids, and Adults, in their custrumes and handing out candy, but unfortunately, being in a rural area we don't get any trick-or-treaters around here.  Oh well, such is life,  well, that's a little about my favorite time of the year, let me know if you have any tihoughts akbout yours.




October 11, 2008, 11:15 pm

yes, i love the autumn...the crisp, bonechilling butt freezin autumn...we dont get any trick or treaters either and it always makes me sad out in the middle of nowhere and no tricks or treats. i generally send the kids to town and stay in watching spooky shows all night...i love halloween too. the first i remember i was dressed up as a ballerina in a little tutu and slippers and tiara. a real ballerina tutu from my ballet recital not a cheap ole costume. and it snowed, and it snowed and snowed some more. awful! i was just miserable...i also grew pumpkins in the garden as a kid...when i was about ten or so, i narrowed the whole patch down to three giants. one weighed 98 pounds! we carved it into a haunted mansion and left it on the porch for so long it finally rotted. we had to roll it onto a dolley to get it onto the porch. i was so dang proud of it...well i hope you enjoy the season. you know how quickly it passes into the winter. and the dry leaves and sweet smells are gone and all that remains is that old hard candy that no one will eat.


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