"Some days your the pidgeon, some days your the statue."

Mood: Excited
Date: Feb. 06, 2010
Music:creatve and inspiring music

Hello all,   I have recently put enough information together to discover that my recent thought patterns have been the cause of the Pure-O form of OCD.  I always knew something was up and that I was different from others in some way (flipping a lightswitch over and over to save my parents life when I was 8).  Finally my OCD has reared its ugly head in my adult life.  I have done a ton of research (obsessivly) on what could be causing my brain malfunctions to find out how to combat this interesting miss-wire.  Now that I have enough information on the matter I feel that most of the time I fully understand what is happening and why.  My goal now is to re-wire myself so that I can really enjoy life and all the great things that it has to offer.  I am  the proud father or a beautiful 2 month old boy, his name is Miles, hes the man. Now that I know about my OCD and the science behind it I have really turned things around for myself.  Yeah sure, I freak out sometimes, wonder if I'm crazy.... we all do I think, infact I think if you thought you were perfectly sane and had OCD you'd be  Anyways sorry for the rediculusly long post.. just excited to be a part of the community and help support others with this silly disorder.


February 9, 2010, 1:07 am

  That is  great!  It sounds like with your good attitude about the disorder and  your research - that you will be  great  emotional support and  a good resource for others on here!!G