Mood: Mellow
Date: Dec. 23, 2007
Really good day today. Finished all my Xmas preparations so can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying a quiet Xmas with my husband, which is just the way I like it. Even found time to do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had time because I’ve always been working. I am really proud of my efforts in creating some Xmas greenery decorations with stuff I found in the garden and they look really good if I do say so myself (will post a photo after I’ve finished writing this, very “Little house on the prairie” but I like them!!) Making them was also really relaxing and the house is now filled with a natural pine smell which is really festive. Was feeling really good so decided to tackle a major OCD concern whilst I was so relaxed. One of the most problematic OCD thoughts over last few months has been my inability to drive the car when my husband is a passenger because of a really intrusive and persistent thought about crashing and being responsible for killing him. The last time I tried to drive him I scared both of us and he vowed it would be a long time before he got in the car with me again but I managed to persuade him to let me try driving him into town (only half a mile away) and going for lunch together. I used the four step method as I got in the car and managed to do it both ways without giving into my OCD. Can’t believe how good I now feel and he has agreed I can continue to work on that and gradually build up distances I drive. Of course cynical people would say that that’s because me driving means he can enjoy his lunchtime beer!!! but I am more than pleased to do something for him after all he’s done for me recently. Anyways I am thrilled with everything I’ve achieved recently and feel I deserve a happy and peaceful holiday period as do all my friends and family. As tiny tim would say “god bless us one and all!!”


From: randido
December 23, 2007, 2:36 pm
hEY WELL DONE. I've just done something similar. With major help from my daughter (not that she knew how much she helped) i drove from Blackpool to skegness to take the kids away for a few days. I felt panicky and at times wanted to give up, but hubby wasn't there to take over so i had to get on with it. I feel pleased with myself now though, an excellent pressie to myself, some of my independance back, yippee.


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