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POSTED BY: Emotions on Feb 06, 2012 [ QUOTE ]


 I have found myself coming to OCD tribe recently and not being able to feel as comfortable as I used to. I think my mistake maybe was that I placed a general blog and that I should not have done. As much as we all have OCD, I realise those who do not have the excessive, unruly , uncontrolling thoughts, consume their life really cannot understand. I have made certain decisions recently to rid of all the negative influences in my life. Those acting as triggers to the extremely bad thoughts about myself. Those who took my well being and stopmed on it. I told myself...Time to do ME and that Im taking MY life back.

To my amazement, the comments I got in return were very belittling to me, thats why I wondered if all on this site are OCD. I am open to positive critisism if someone sees someting wrong and cares enough to talk to me about whatever it is. But , what I was sharing was, about me, I started to feel better about myself an my life, only to get shut down but other OCD's. I eventually took it down.

My post contained what I set out to achieve this year and how I set out doing it. I have started to rid off those persons who are negative influences, those who have hurt me dearly in the past and decided to change my routinne to a more healthy one, by making smarter choices (positve persons, places, decisions). I have been learing to make things fade away through meditation and to accept happiness in the here and now. I was referring to the physial things that needed to be done so as  to start dealing with the emotional

Well today I just found it to be just enough. Maybe it had been like maybe 3 or 4 of those responses: I am running away from my problems, deal with it by facing it, I am avoiding it, I am afraid, etc etc.

Ok I dont understand, if my mind works the way it works, dont i need to see to it that it is my life and the choices I make are for me and my betterment!! Negative persons act as detractors to positive goals and dreams. If these people are willingly messing up, why stay and fight a battle that really does not exist. Its as if they (the persons posting comments) are saying, stay and be walked on and talked to whichever way it pleases the abuser!

Thoughts are not just thoughts for a PURE-O. Sad that some will always be too almighty to ever realise the suffering of others anad cant share in the well being of others.

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