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POSTED BY: Emotions on Mar 07, 2012 [ QUOTE ]

Having a hard time dealing with thoughts. My new OCD is dealing with human relations. 

Prior to this new obsession, the obvious would be romantic relationships and my impacting thoughts. However this year, I have started struggling with this new obsession wrt relationships in general. I have started being bothered by others' judgements, behaviours, mistrusts, dishonesty, thoughts of me. After a gathering, what did they think about me, did I do anything to embarass myself, what are they saying about  me. What are my co-workers saying when I am not there. Are my friends being genuine. It has become about what people in my life think and say about me and what do their actions/ words really mean.  I question their behaviours and hold on to words they may say. I think about these comments and think and think about what they really mean. Now I know generally, it is good to be cautious and give a little in the beginning and learn about people before getting close. But I dont think this is what is going on with me.

I have alwasy been confident, fun-loving and outgoing, easy to talk to and have fun with. So this is a new, scary reality for me and Im afraid of giving in and withdrawing from most contact. Im afraid I may push away people. 

Anyone been through this?

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