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POSTED BY: Snoopy24 on Jan 18, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Does anyone else find it hard to explain to their kids when they notice you having an OCD moment?

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POSTED BY: sherri3 on Jan 19, 2009 [ QUOTE ]

Hi Snoopy.   I have 3 kids who range in age from 10- 15 years old and, up until this year, I had hidden my ocd from them.  I guess I thought I was protecting them.  When they would "catch" me doing something odd, I would come up with some lame excuse and change the subject.  Two of my kids are perfectionists (like I was as a child) and I realized that I needed to tell them about ocd so that they would understand it if they ever began to suffer from it  themselves - instead of thinking they were crazy and hiding it for years like I did.  Anyway, the point of my story is that, when I told them, they didn't pass out from shock or worry that they were stuck with a crazy Mom.  (lol)    They asked a few questions and they still do on occasion but I am still their Mom and the only thing that has changed is that I no longer carry the burden of having to lie to them.   Kids are perceptive and they know when something is wrong, even if they can't figure out what it is so it has been a healthy thing for us all.  So my advice to you is to tell them about your ocd - in terms that they can understand if they are very young.  If  you don't make it a big deal, they won't either.  And you'll never have to worry about making something up to cover your ocd around them again.  I hope this helps.  My prayers are with you and your family.   Sherri


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