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POSTED BY: Drake on Jun 06, 2012 [ QUOTE ]

Hello friends!

I have been away from this forum for a while now, a few months. The reason being this:

At the start when I came here I found it very beneficial, this forums made me feel like I'm more normal, and I wasn't alone. I could talk to people here.

However, after a while things changed. Being in a community of people with OCD began holding me down. While at first it made me feel normal, now it was making me feel outcast from society, as if this place is a place for people who aren't like the rest. 

I also felt that overall on this forum, there is an attitude of defeat, an attitude of "We have OCD, all we can do is live with it."


See I do not believe that. OCD is an illness and like any illness there is a cure. OCD is NOT terminal. We can be free.

I have found this freedom through Jesus Christ. The past few week I have been able to simple look through my OCD to God. God's Love has helped me to ignore all thoughts. 

Also, I have realised to myself that Jesus does NOT want me to be a slave to thoughts like this. Jesus's ambition for me is freedom!!!


So I encourage you my Christian brothers and sisters, look to Christ, study the Bible daily and you can be free. 


Now the way we do this is a FULL transformation of your life. I tried to just cut out OCD but I failed many times. The ONLY way I have found freedom is by completely turning towards Jesus Christ. I have been working hard on cutting out all sin in my life, masturbation, jealousy, lust, anger, hate and of course OCD. Throught this full transformation and turning back towards Jesus I have found a new life!


I encourage you all to do the same. If I can be of any help to anyone, please PM me!


Bless you all!

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31
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POSTED BY: KeepItCopacetic on Jun 06, 2012 [ QUOTE ]

 I'm sorry but I just don't agree. Jesus promises salvation to us; he does not promise us to be free from every affliction we'll face on this Earth. In the Bible, Paul had a thorn in his flesh. He prayed several times for God to remove it ( 2 Cor. 12), but God chose not to, saying that His grace was sufficient. It is spiritually dangerous to tell people that if they have enough faith, all these problems can be removed, because that's not necessarily how God works.

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POSTED BY: Wombat140 on Jun 06, 2012 [ QUOTE ]

Drake - Can you please be more careful how you phrase things in front of a bunch of people with scrupulosity OCD.  I'm sure you were just being vague when you referred to OCD as a "sin", but you know it frightens the horses.

KeepItCopacetic - Tread softly, you tread upon my dreams.

Everyone - I apologize for the above.  This forum seems to bring out my inner bitter old hag.  My world-view has gone a bit off the rails lately.

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POSTED BY: Drake on Jun 07, 2012 [ QUOTE ]

 I am sorry my friends, I meant no offense and I certainly did not mean to spark off anyone's OCD. 


I have suffered terribly with scrupulosity before, OCD about religion is my main battle, so I know how traumatic it can be.


And also, of course I do not mean to imply that anyone can be free, God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I just mean that I myself felt that God is calling me away from OCD, I felt that my OCD is not burden that God has laid on me, but a challenge. Again, please note, this is MY view about me. 


And so I have fought against it and through the Grace of God I am finding freedom! So if anyone out there feels a similar calling to me, that you can be free of OCD, turn to God. 


But remember that although Paul prayed and God did not remove the thorn, so too did many many people beg Jesus for healing and He did indeed heal them. In the end, it is up to God if we are to be free or not. Trust in God's Will.


So I'm sorry, I wrote this message as good news, with joy. I did not mean any harm by it. And remember that OCD is absolutely NOT a sin. No way. 

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31
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