wake up

By: hondaracr
Mood: Other
Date: Nov 27, 2012
Music: None

Time to wake up, this isnt my game, coach put me on the bench i dont want this fame. I dont want this pain. I need to get up! from all these bullsh*t ive been fed, its destroyed me, cant you see where this has led. Take a look, my eyes tell a story falsely accused, of a liar, a sinner, a cheater just used, all of my bodies been beaten but my heart unbruised. I refuse to give in, this pain will not take me. I will win, I will fight, at the end you will see. So this is my nightmare, see my pride, You know this is very rough ride. But its my game now, its not to late, as the final seconds fade. 1..2 checkmate, Wake Up!