Worst of Times

By: LadyRaines52608
Mood: Sad
Date: Oct 17, 2013
Music: Carried UnderWood ( Will see you again )

Lately hubby & I have had the worst of times .. Last Thuresday morning I was woken up from my deep slumber by the manager of our trailer park banging on our door , apparently my mother got severely sick vomiting & have severe diarrhea , mom was so sick she had to go to the hospital via ambulance . I didn't have time do anything , had to just throw my clothes on & go , I stayed with mom from 11am until 7:30 in the evening , by this time we found out that she had an U.T.I with another kind of stomach infection , mom was admitted & treated with IV antibiotics through the rest of the week & through the weekend . While I was at the hospital , hubby stayed home with Maggie, since Maggie had not been feeling good since the night before . I had, had a vets appointment for Maggie for the next day, but called to cancel that appointment , because I did not know what was going on with my mom , well Friday morning came & Maggie still was not any better, she hadn't eaten anything since late Tuesday night , she had been throwing up & very weak , so friday morning I called the vet back & got her an appointment for the next morning . Saturday comes, hubby & I take maggie to vet , I hadn't been in the vets office 20 minutes when they tell me that Maggie is seriously very sick & needs to go the local animal Hospital , this is after they have charged me $230.00 for two blood test & an exam , so hubby & I rush her over to the animal hospital, there they do a complete blood paniel testing her for everything , turns out Maggie had Auto Immune Deficency Disease, severely enemic , her liver was failing, she was weak , her own body was attacking its self . The Dr. told hubby & I that the treatment for this disease is very expensive, ranging in the 2-3 thousand range, Maggie would have to be hospitalized for 6-8 months, IV antibiotics, blood tranfusions & even with all the treatment , she still only had a 50% chance of living . Hubby & I couldn't see putting Maggie through that , especially after everything she had been through N her life , hubby & I were forced to make the heart breaking decision to put Maggie down . Before Maggie was given the shot to go to heaven , hubby & I got some time with her, hubby held her for a little while, talked to her, told her how much he loved her , I then held her for a little while, telling her what a blessing she has been to me over these last 5 yrs . We got pictures of our final moments together , I got one with hubby & Her & then one of me & her, then I took one last final picture of her beautiful as I was holding her N my arms for the final time , after that I told hubby to go get the Dr. Hubby couldn't be in the room when the Dr. gave her the shot , as the Dr. gave Maggie the shot to go to heaven , I held her close , the medication worked instantly , it completely ripped my heart out to feel her take her last breath . To say the least now my house is no longer the same , I miss her so badly , I had to put her bed, crate & all her toys in our Nursery/ spare room , can't bare to look of them . This has really hit hubby & I extremely hard, looking back all of Maggie's issues all make sense, feel so bad that my baby had been suffering from this horrible disease the whole 5 yrs we had her . Turns out Maggie was born with this, so evidently she got from her mother, but since Maggie was stay, we did not know her mother's medical history . Hubby & I have discussed getting another Jack Russell Terrier which was the same breed as Maggie, but right now its just too soon & too much . My mom was discharged from the hospital Monday , so now its going to take a couple of months for my mom to get her indpendence back & get back on her feet, hubby & I have decided that probably come the first part of Janaury , we will start looking for another dog . Hopefully by then my mom won't be so dependent on me ..



From: marnella
October 17, 2013, 8:26 pm

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. I am very glad your mom recovered.


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From: jemily
October 17, 2013, 5:50 am
I am so very sorry. How heartbreaking for you both.


We are all broken... that's how the light gets in.