Work and OCD

By: chez
Mood: Fearful
Date: Dec 28, 2012
Music: None

I was wondering if working and OCD can go together all i have been thinking about lately is going back to work in Feburary i want to go back need to for money reason's and it is really good of my boss keeping my job open for me but honestly i am scared to go back what if i let everyone down i have a problem with trying to be the best at everything and constanly worry if i am a good person and liked. I am not a checker but at work i am constantly checking the database, worried about anyone bringing germs in, being around people and answering the awkwark questions what was wrong with me to be off for 12 months arrrrgggg.

I know i will have to cut down my meds as well because they make me tired sleepy and when i go back to work i am up at 5am so i am also worried i won't get up and just the smallest silliest little things i am worry about. maybe i have just gotten too comfortable being at home or have become lazy i don't know i wish this worrying would stop.



January 1, 2013, 1:52 pm

I'm not clear about your situation but I feel having something purposeful to do will make your forget your OCD. Try to distract yourself with something that takes your full concentration and is enjoyable to you when the worries pop up in your head. ^^


It's not me- It's the OCD

From: Dave123
December 28, 2012, 8:43 pm

hows it going man, ha ha i should know right. If u dont try u will never know  work can be daunting when its tough enough to get through the day BUT the more u push your self the more u will learn about u the diease and what u can manage on a day to day bases. I wake up some mornings scared to leave my house scared to leave my bedroom sometimes scared to put my feet on the floor . then i tell myself that all journeys start with the first step and THIS TO SHALL PASS. hope it helps its worked for me in the past.


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