When one thing Goes Away another thing comes in....

By: RockyRose
Mood: Don't know
Date: Jun 30, 2013
Music: None

Okay- so I FINALLY get past all that happened the past few months and WHAM...this week ends up being ISANITY...and I'm waay beyond going crazy :( I'm soo tired of being beat and by people who live their lives like they're perfect then dragging their personal opinions onto me just because I m loosing my mind...the last thing anyone who's been through this much wants to be told Exactly what to do with their lives- Up to a T!!! They expect everyone's family and relatives to be PERFECT...and EVERYONE to Live the way they think is right!!

One thing that I Really won't stand is someone... using Lucas' good name to push their Personal Opinions on how to live your life...when they're writing TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER- and on a fictional advice column... hello- you don't have to be the best writer on the block to grasp Lucas' personality...and this fool woman took me TRYING to be polite as insulting- well she's an insult to The Rifleman himself...insult to all of North Fork...OOOO...

I just wanna go to a desert island and go where no one knows me.......