OCD Hope

By: zydecomolly
Mood: Don't know
Date: Mar 19, 2012
Music: None

I want to blog about hopefullness and optimisim even in the face of fear and adversity. Thats what OCD trys to do to you, It lies and tells you things that are not true, makes you do things you don't want to, and ultimatly trys to control your every move and dictate the way you live your life. We with OCD have all had our moments of frustration, desperation and feelings of utter hoplessness. But the light at the end of the tunnel is always there and will never elude you if you believe that you will get there. Yes it's true, half the battle of OCD is the simple beliefe that you can get better, you can heal and you can take charge of your life, even in the most desperate situations. Sometimes in the worst moments THAT is the time to take control and force yourself to step one foot outdoors if you havent in weeks, or not wash your hands for the 15th time and just live with the fear, the uncertainty and unknowing. Afterall, Its going to turn out the same emotionally as before so why let it beat you again, when you can stand up to it and say "I will not let you control me in this one moment" When you do that, Its a victory in that moment that can be celebrated. One step at a time, one moment at a time. expect good, demand healing and act as if you are in control... even iff you dont feel like it with every fiber in your being... Just try it sometimes, you may surprise yourself. I wrote this blog to remind myself that half of the battle of OCD is up to me, and me only.