Lost Feelings, Lost self.....Anyone else feel....

Mood: Anxious
Date: Jan 18, 2014
Music: None

I'm still having a rough time with the thoughts being so prevalant , I'm worried that some of them are not OCD, it scares me, but what scares me more is the lack of empathy and other feelings I have had since this started up again on the Friday of last week.... I feel like I am gradually losing these feelings I'm worried, I feel almost numb, and it scares me I know it does, it always has scared me that loss of feeling.... it worries me and yet I don't feel worried, it's hard to explain... I don't know if anyone has felt this way? I'm terrified, I don't want this, I never have. I have always had love for everyone and everything, I don't know how it could just disappear? I don't understand, I am working on getting some counselling started but I just.. feel lost.



January 20, 2014, 9:14 am

If I personally have a "bad thought" and don't feel bad enough for it, or don't shudder and want to cry- I freak out. I think oh, here we go. I'm evil , I'm bad , I do not care , it's not OCD because I don't feel compassion, I am a psycho after all!!! And I obsess and obsess and obsess. I obsess that I don't feel anything and when you put it under the microscope, it's easy to be confused and trick yourself!  When I get stuck in that cycle, it eventually dies down. Just give it time. Like a tornado, the storm will stop. It's another obsession. A worry of not feeling enough, I get it too.


Tomorrow is a new day :)

From: MEandOCD
January 19, 2014, 1:26 am

I am not a doctor but depression is pretty common with OCD. Sometimes depression can make you feel "Numb". I am not saying that is what you have though. Just a thought.  When you say loss of feeling do you mean physically or emotionally? I have had problems before feeling very bleh towards others and I realized I was having some depression. If you are scared of it then you haven't gone psychopathis or anything. I used to be terrified I was turning psychopathis because of the harm fears I was having. Turns out it was just my OCD. Psychopaths don't feel fear and aren't afraid of their lack of emotion. Hence how I figured out it was an OCD issue. Counseling could really help alieviate these fears and can really help you feel less lost. I don't know if my diatribe helped any but I hope you feel less "numb" soon and hang in there.