Finally! A good day!

By: RemoteMonger
Mood: Content
Date: Dec 28, 2012
Music: Rev it up- Vixen

I went to the gym today and there was an open punching bag. I got really excited because I used to box in high school before my head injury took full effect. And I just punched it like how I want to punch my OCD in the face. It felt so good that I even let my boyfriend put the tv volume on 33.

I usually go insane and threaten to beat him to death with the remote when it is not on a multiple of five. Then there is a lot of crying (on his part) and yelling (on my part). Then he blames himself and locks himself in the bathroom, Then i get angry at myself for making him upset and start punching walls. It's terrible. We are the most dysfunctional couple ever.

But on a more positive note, I found a way to (at least temporarily) cope with one of my biggest triggers. After he changed the volume I felt like I needed the remote back, but baby steps.

I have a plan for all this. I will try reserve the punching bag at least every other day and once I get comfortable with the volume not being on a multiple of five I will try work on one of my other stupid OCD things. Maybe for starters I will let him cut the bread wrong. Or let the dog sit in my chair. Maybe one day I will even let boyfriend touch the remote.



From: chez
December 28, 2012, 7:24 am

Thats great keep up the good work that punching bag really helped i should give that a go sound like it will help me get all the anger out brilliant.


Fear is a feeling that is more stronger than love.