Feeling really blessed these days :)

By: LadyRaines52608
Mood: Mellow
Date: Jun 30, 2013
Music: None

These days I am feeling really blessed :) Recieved the news on Friday that my brother InLaw Robbie filed for divorce , Robbie & his wife Pam have been married 7 yrs , but! apparently the last or yr so has been full of all sorts of problems for them . I will be honest I have seen this divorce comming for a long long time , truth of the matter is my brother Inlaw & his wife have not had a healthy marriage for a long long time , heck! they haven't slept in the same bed with eachother for yrs now , so there has not been any kind of intimacy . I am suprised that it took my brother Inlaw this long to file for divorce , given the fact that Pam has cheated on him several times with in the last yr , not to mention the fact that she is constiently flirting with my husband which is her brother Inlaw , she is always texting my husband , flirting with him , always wanting to talk to him ect ect .. Finally the only reason why Pam has stayed married to my brother Inlaw for as long as she has, is because my brother Inlaw has money , he owns his own paving business so he is definately not hurting for money . I will be honest I love my brother inlaw with all my heart , yes he has his flaws , he flirts with every female he comes in contact with , not mention the fact that he has other issues , but! he definately does not deserve for a woman to stay married to him just for his money . Fact is the 12 yrs that I have been with my husband , I have never seen my brother inlaw Robbie not in a relationship with a woman , I don't think Robbie has been single in 12- 13 yrs , perhaps! he is scared to be alone & single , given the fact that he is 41 , I really think he's scared to be single .. Seeing my brother inlaw going through this divorce mess , makes me incredibly thankful for the relationship between my husband & I , I feel very blessed that we have made it 12 yrs & that we are stronger than ever :)